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Lyft IPO valuation: a US$20bn rideshare

Every IPO has a story, especially in the consumer technology sector. This one is a tale about bad and good, black and pink, uber vs lyft. Unlike many other markets, the ride-sharing market due to original huge fragmentation and regulation was significantly underlooked. Since 2010 when Uber and then Lyft,

5 years ago

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Sharp fall of snapchat stock after first earnings report (2017Q1)

After a quite nice stock market euphoria in February almost reaching 2400 in S&P Snapchat successfully caught its ride, while placing its stock at US$17 per share and soaring ca. 40% on the first trading day. Yesterday, Snapchat released its first earning report and in the aftermarket

7 years ago

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Snapchat IPO valuation: is it worth US$20bn?

Snapchat's IPO has been on the news block for some time. It is indeed one phenomenon of needs of Millenial's generation. Getting from 0 to 150m DAU in under 5 years is indeed very swiftly. Yet as even as public markets are at its all-time peak,

7 years ago