SaaS Magic Number: measuring scaling efficiency

Tons of metrics can be calculated for any SaaS business. In order to determine how your start-up is performing in a business environment, it's essential to calculate the SaaS Magic Number and various other sales efficiency metrics. Although the metric is overlooked in the SaaS startup community, it’

4 years ago

Nail it then scale it: growth vs CLTV-CAC excel template

Despite all available resources (tons of open-source, cloud IaaS, testing tools etc) it is still much harder to build a SaaS than a marketplace. With marketplace to start getting first traction all you need is a few landing pages, an advertising budget for facebook / google, if there is a need

7 years ago

Mastering enterprise software sales for early-stage companies

With the commoditization of marketing channels (search, social, display, etc) within a handful of platforms -  paid marketing de facto became a commodity. Not to say there is nothing to do in marketing anymore, but getting first leads though might be costly, it is not the main challenge. Doing first

7 years ago

Startup strategy tactics for product market fit, traction and scaling-up

One key feedback we give to many founders is a lack of true focus. Interestingly, it's not always the immature companies that struggle, but also businesses with revenues north of a million and handful of client striving to scale-up. Understanding and executing on what is the most important

7 years ago